Windows 10 has FIDO2 certification for Windows Hello

Yogesh Mehta, Microsoft’s Group Manager leading the Crypto, Identity & Authentication PM team in the Azure Core OS organization made an announcement confirming that, with the release of the forthcoming Windows 10 May update, Windows Hello will become a fully FIDO2 certified authenticator.

The FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance is an industry body that has been on a mission to provide device security that replaces passwords through the use of open standards to drive technologies. FIDO2 is a set of standards that enable logins that are backed by strong cryptographic security. The certification in question applies to the use of Windows Hello for Windows 10 users.

Andrew Shikiar, CMO of the FIDO Alliance, has been quoted as saying, “Microsoft has been a preeminent advocate of FIDO Alliance’s mission to move the world beyond passwords.”

Windows has indeed been working toward accomplishing FIDO’s goal, as Microsoft began enabling Windows 10 users to sign into devices using facial recognition back in 2015.

A security specialist at ESET, Jake Moore, also welcomed the news of Microsoft Hello receiving FIDO2 Certification, stating, “Considering the number of data breaches we have witnessed in the past few months, it is great to see companies taking steps required to protect their users.”

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