With the release of Firefox 60, Mozilla’s browser is the first of its kind to support Web Authentication

As a society, we use passwords constantly. Unfortunately, just because we have passwords, that doesn’t mean that our information is totally secure. Most hackers these days can bypass passwords with ease. This has forced companies to come up with even stronger measures to fight back.

Mozilla has stepped up to the plate and rolled out their Firefox 60 browser. This browser is the first of its kind to support the use of Web Authentication, which is also referred to as WebAuthn.

What that means is that if you have a physical authentication device like a YubiKey dongle, a biometric identity fingerprint reader, or something like the iPhone’s Face ID, you can log into certain websites without having to type in a password.

If you read our blog post about the NIST’s updated password guidelines, (Are you following the new password guidelines – https://rhynonetworks.com/are-you-following-the-new-password-guidelines/) then you know that the recommendations for creating strong passwords has become almost laughably complex. With the NIST suggesting that passwords of at least 64 characters in length be not only allowed but encouraged, you know that the hackers are seriously making it difficult to keep systems secure.

The great thing is that with WebAuthn you don’t have to worry about that at all.

Google and Microsoft will be coming out with their own browser updates that allow for WebAuthn soon. In the meantime, Firefox 60 has got your back.

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