Thanks to Gmail’s Smart Compose feature, writing emails has never been easier.


Smart Compose is one of the great new features that Google has begun rolling out for Gmail. Smart Compose provides suggestions while you’re typing an email that allows you to not only fill in words, but also whole sentences. When you see the sentence that you want to use appear on the screen, you simply have to press tab to select it.

By cutting back on repetitive writing and reducing the chance of spelling errors, you can think more about the point of your email without worrying so much about the small details.

One of the best things about Smart Compose is that it truly is smart in the way it’s been programmed. For instance, it can suggest relevant contextual phrases such as suggesting “Have a great weekend!” as a closing phrase if the email is sent close to the weekend.

This new feature is not yet available to all users, but will be rolling out to everyone soon. Be sure to click on the gear icon on the top right of your Gmail account and select ‘Try the new Gmail’ if you’d like to give this new feature a try.

If you’re using Gmail through a G Suite Account, such as through work or school, your system administrator will have to enable this feature in order to allow users to have access.

Overall, Smart Compose is a great new feature for email and an innovation that may be long overdue.

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