A world-class IT security solution that offers your business a new level of protection from malware and other threats. Keep critical business data intact and increase productivity with less time and effort.


Because you just can’t endure another malware outbreak… unmatched malware detection, removal and protection from both known and unknown exploits. Kaspersky protection is customizable, based on individual roles, locations or both.


Super-fast when it comes to scanning systems or the traffic that comes through your network. Kaspersky won’t slow your users down. The smallest possible client footprint and frequent, small updates mean your users have the bandwidth you need, when they need it.


Real-time security management with a new graphical user interface that makes security-related management tasks quick and easy. Easy-to-read, real-time reports give you the critical information you need, so your IT managers can focus their attention where it is needed.


Exceeding our customers’ deployment expectations. We find your systems, remove the old security software, install the new software, and implement your new security policies – all automatically – with user-friendly wizards.

Published On: October 9, 2010Categories: AntiSpam, Antivirus