Where to go to listen to and remove what Amazon’s Alexa has recorded in your home.


Amazon’s Alexa is always listening for wake words. As was previously discussed in a prior blog post, one family found out the hard way that not all of what Alexa is listening to are things you want her to hear, much less transmit to others. https://rhynonetworks.com/does-having-smart-devices-in-the-home-come-at-the-cost-of-privacy/

Since it’s not uncommon for smart speakers to be triggered by false positive commands as they’re learning your tone of voice, prompts, and requests, you may want to know how to listen to and remove those audio files. It’s pretty simple and can be fun, though if you’ve had the devices for a long time you may have a lot of files to go through.

Here’s how to listen to what Amazon’s Alexa has recorded in your home and how to remove the files:

First, on your smart device, open the Alexa app.

Now, tap the three horizontal lines at the top of the screen. These lines are also lovingly referred to as the hamburger icon. Tapping this will open the menu options.

Next, click on the Settings menu and look for History.

That’s it! Now you can browse all of the recordings that Alexa has made in your home. Make sure to sort the results by date if you want a nice timeline of your inquiries.

If you want to remove any particular recordings in your Alexa history, you can delete them on an individual basis right in the app. To clear them all, you’ll need to go to Amazon’s website. Then, go to the Manage Your Content and Devices link.

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