Using the internet for your office is a necessity for managing daily operations and accomplishing the tasks for your job role. Regardless of what industry you’re in, having access to the internet is vital for conducting research, keeping track of your workload, and much more. Many businesses of the modern era can’t function without it. Since the internet is such an essential component of daily operations, it leaves your network open to security threats and scams that can disrupt the flow of your organization. Your router is the bridge between the outside world and the devices you’re regularly using, which leaves your servers wide open for hackers to penetrate them. 

Here at RHYNO Networks, our team is dedicated to providing you with sufficient network security, in order to combat many of these breaches in security. There are ways to improve your network security so that your business doesn’t suffer. Follow these tips and the chances of keeping these issues at bay will be much higher.

Adjusting Your Password Security

As simple as this sounds, stronger passwords could pay dividends for protecting the well-being of your business. A variety of people within these businesses are using weak passwords. The best practice for strong passwords is using complex ones and changing them every now and again. Take the steps to educate your staff on the passwords to avoid. 

Send them tips so they can strategize, or bring them up in one of your regularly scheduled meetings. Research has shown that about 10% of people have used one of 25 of the worst passwords which has included “password” or “123456”. Receiving guidance on this materials is important as many people undermine the importance of effective password combinations. 

Here are some examples for password tips that you can incorporate into your personal accounts:

  • Use at least eight characters and a combination of special characters, numbers, letters, etc. The longer the password is, the stronger it will be.
  • Don’t use any personal info in your passwords as this can be susceptible for security breaches
  • Implement a password manager for creating unique passwords.
  • Don’t allow your browser to save the passwords

Adding Layers Of Protection

The best way to augment your network security is to partner with experts that have familiarity in these fields. Firms can utilize their resources for many purposes, especially if you lack a dedicated IT team in-house. Your vendor should customize the experience of network monitoring and support. Take advantage of the services that can maximize your firm.

Some examples to consider include the following:

  • Methods for monitoring, alerting, and ticketing
  • Portal access for clients paired with 24/7 remote access. A plethora of these services will allow you to monitor systems and put in help tickets in real time, from any location.
  • Instant remediation and recovery
  • Anti-virus scans and updates for your servers
  • Reporting
  • Training for your team, staff, and IT department if you have one.

People within a business that has yet to receive the proper training for anticipating these situations can be your weakest link. This doesn’t have to be a reality if the proper training regimens have been established. Your people are the backbone of your business and if they aren’t given the right materials for enforcing your cybersecurity protocols, it will hinder your progression.

Creating A Backup Plan To Avoid Loss Of Data

Backup plans are sufficient for protecting your data, which will allow you to resume your business operations in the event of an attack. No matter how many preventative measures you try to enforce, cybercriminals are continually devising new methods to infiltrate your networks and systems. Your firm should prepare for combating the attacks, but it’s important to plan for the recovery process as well. 

Data backup plans can be force multipliers for your organization, but your business might lack the resources and expertise in putting one together. This is where partnering with a qualified vendor who can do the heavy lifting in creating a sufficient backup plan is helpful. IT experts who are proficient in network security will assist you in customizing a plan that accommodates these needs, as every firm has its own set of requirements and regulations. When working with our team at RHYNO Networks, we can offer a range of services that can protect your data. This can include encryption, the utilization of cloud-based solutions, and much more.

Working With The Network Security Professionals

For firms that are looking to improve their network security measures, our team at RHYNO Networks is ready to assist. For more information on our products and services, contact us today!

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