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Cloud computing will continue to be a force multiplier for businesses that are coming out strong from the onslaught of the pandemic. Cloud computing will be a vital component for organizations that are trying to hone in on scalability, cost efficiency, and the continuity of business. While COVID will still linger throughout the year making waves, cloud technology will begin to adapt and reorient to these changes. Cloud computing is all about the journey, and those who are looking to maximize it for their businesses should enjoy it for the long-term. There are quite a few trends in store for cloud computing and it will certainly be a tangible asset for the many businesses that rely on these capabilities.

The Rise In The Global Public Cloud Computing Market

The infrastructure of the public cloud market is continuing to grow. The market is expected to grow 35%, up to $120 billion in revenue, according to findings from Forrester Research. IT spending that is centered around cloud computing will continue to grow in 2021 and beyond. The growth in the PaaS market will be propelled by remote workforces that are in need of high-performing infrastructures that can be modernized with the help of cloud-based applications. The future is looking bright as these innovative solutions are seamlessly facilitating the workload and will utilize the advancements of PaaS software to build on the financial structures as well.

A Change With Cloud Computing Providers

2021 has also seen a change in the top 3 public cloud providers. China’s Alibaba Cloud has taken the # 3 spot in revenue over Google Cloud, within the public cloud infrastructure market. Revenue grew with Alibaba Cloud from consumers in the internet, finance, and retail spaces. Additionally, Microsoft is expected to surpass Azure Cloud in revenue, something that even Amazon and Google are having a hard time keeping up with.

Edge Technology

Edge is one of the newest cloud iterations. With the emergence of new business models, Edge technology can certainly be a part of the equation. Buyers will begin to shift their cloud strategies toward Edge in hopes of being innovative and staying connected. Public cloud solutions will still be relevant, but they probably won’t dominate due to the restrictions of the architecture. Serverless computer models are inciting the functionality of IT applications. Businesses are looking to bridge the gap between centralized clouds and end-users, which will provide efficient usage of the content for all of its users.

The Use Of Artificial Intelligence

Businesses will need a strong A.I. system in place to ensure that A.I. related projects don’t fail. Without proper engineering, many organizations won’t have the capability to move the projects beyond the concept or prototype stages of development. Mishandled A.I. projects will fail if they aren’t scaled or governed in the appropriate manner. In order to benefit from A.I. engineering, your business needs to adhere to the DevOps principles and machine learning models in order to reap the benefits of these technologies. When it comes to governance, responsible A.I. is a term that is used to describe various aspects of A.I. implementations that are directly dealing with the risk that is incurred. 

Offerings For Joint Cloud And Multi Cloud Computing Solutions

Multi-cloud and Joint cloud providers could begin to make waves as early as next year. Providers can utilize accelerated go-to-market initiatives to take on larger competitors such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). For example, the relationship between Oracle and Microsoft could be expanded to utilize Oracle’s networking features paired with the machine learning features of Microsoft.

Using A Serverless Platform

Serverless is considered to be one of the most authentic examples of cloud computing and its impact on the future of cloud technology is pivotal. Because of how unique this model is, moving forward you can expect to see many developers creating applications that work with the serverless model. Serverless models are going to keep developers on their toes as these targeted solutions will continue to evolve as time goes on,

Cloud Orchestration & Optimization

Cloud platforms will continue to rely on the usefulness of automated cloud orchestrations and optimization. Because managing interconnected services across multiple applications has become so complex, these types of services and management tools will ensure that everything is in order and functioning properly.

Cloud Computing With The Experts

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