Instagram has rolled out DM access on the internet

In January, Instagram began testing the preferences of a small group of users, as well as testing the functionality of web-based DMs.

With the feedback Instagram received, they opted to update the web application in order to more closely mimic how DMs appear on the Instagram phone app. They did so by including both the emoji keyboard and a gallery to view photos and videos on the web app.

Having the ability to respond to DMs on the web is especially useful to those that need to respond to multiple messages per day, or those that prefer typing on a full-sized keyboard.

Commenters across various platforms were quick to point that usability in the form of posting photos or related content has been limited with the changes to the new interface.

So, while accessing DMs on the web has improved, other features are still more accessible via the phone application.

Hopefully, Instagram implements further upgrades to their web-based app soon.

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