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Intel Slipup Causes Supercomputer Delay

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The supercomputer Intel promised will be significantly delayed

In 2019, the US Energy Department chose the California-based Intel Corporation to help show American tech Independence over China.

The company was tasked with helping to build a $500 million supercomputer.

That supercomputer, named Aurora, was scheduled to be installed at facilities near Chicago in 2021.

Aurora’s aim is to be the first US system to reach a technical pinnacle known as exascale computing.

Intel pledged to supply three kinds of chips for the system from its US factories in Oregon, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Unfortunately, a technology delay has put the brakes on the operation.

Robert Swan, Intel’s CEO, has warned that the next production advance would be 12 months late. To add to that dilemma, he also stated that some chips for Aurora might be made outside of Intel’s factories.

There are now doubts that Aurora will be able to be installed on schedule.

Shifting key component building to foreign factories also negates the purpose of the project – creating an all-American made supercomputer.

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