Are you the type of person who uses the same password and username more than once for all accounts you have online? Or shamelessly post all of your personal information online without thinking about all the possible dangers? If so, don’t make the mistake, because this can cause a lot of unwanted problems in the future. If you think that the simple act of changing your browser or deleting people is enough to keep scammers and potential cyber predators away from you, then you better think again, because these usually are the number one cause for why people get hacked or worse victims of cyber crime, cyber bullying, and other dangerous threats.

The only way that you can stay away from these threats, is through a good IT maintenance and security plan, or by taking the necessary precautions to ensure that all the information you post on the internet stays safe at all times. If you are wondering how you can do your part to keep away from hackers, here are 3 simple internet browsing tips to keep you away from potential internet threats:


  • Be aware of what’s happening on the internet – this includes top trending news, and stories about cybercrime, cyber scams, hackers, and all other kinds of schemes that crooks cook up to scam possible victims of the crime. Share everything you know about this news to friends and family, you might just save a life.


  • Do not join just any website – yes, there are also websites that can end up hacking your personal information or worse your bank accounts. Sometimes it can be hard to determine which site is legit from what isn’t, but before you join anything, make sure that you read up thoroughly on what they offer, how you can contact them, and how you can get your money back when you think you have been cheated.

Also make sure that you contact them first to be sure that they actually have a working help service line, because sometimes they can just have a listed email address and number but none of these actually work. Be careful at all times.


  • Shop with caution – some people just shop and shop without thinking if the site is safe to buy from. It would be better to browse online shops that are reputable and are licensed or at least have the necessary information for you to contact them, and they actually respond. Check first before you give out your bank information, especially that these are highly sensitive pieces of information on your end.