Ryuk ransomware is dangerous and spreading.


Attackers are causing more trouble with Emotet and TrickBot, as these forever morphing troublemakers are now dropping Ryuk ransomware.

Once the valuable data has been extracted from victim organizations, Ryuk takes over and locks up information, requiring a ransom be paid in order to access the info.

It doesn’t take much for a business to get infected. If a business has any unpatched endpoints or weak credentials, or even security software that isn’t updated or is run infrequently, it could put a company’s important files at risk.

Ryuk has been causing trouble for some time. Most recently, even the Los Angeles Times was affected.

Once Ryuk gets into a network, it spreads like wildfire. From computer to computer, node to node, encrypting the important files it finds along the way with an unbreakable code.

When you try to access the encrypted data the malware ransom note pops up and demands that you deposit bitcoin into an anonymous wallet and in return it states that you’ll receive a key to decrypt your system. If you refuse to pay, your files remain locked.

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