Cortana is being separated from search in Windows 10

In the near future, Windows 10 will direct you toward a built-in search experience for any text queries and Cortana will handle any voice queries.

Microsoft is making big changes to Windows 10 by decoupling Cortana and search. By separating search and Cortana in the Windows 10 taskbar, voice queries can be handled separately from having to type in a search box to find documents and files. This change will come about in the next major Windows 10 update, which is currently scheduled for April.

Dona Sarkar, Microsoft’s Windows Insider chief, states, “This will enable each experience to innovate independently to best serve their target audiences and use cases. This change is one of several we’ve made throughout this release to improve your experience in this space, including updating the search landing page design, enhancing your search results, and integrating Microsoft To-Do with Cortana.”

These changes will allow for Microsoft to greatly improve Windows 10 search. Microsoft has been experimenting with making Windows 10 search more Apple-like previously with many Windows users calling on the company to implement a more reliable and powerful built-in search.

So, Cortana won’t be going away, but there may be some initial confusion around having two separate places for voice and text searches on the taskbar.

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