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New Firefox Android Update is a Disaster

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Terrible Firefox for Android update leaves users frustrated

Mozilla recently released a semi-functional update for Firefox on Android.

The functionality of the upgrade has users so confused that some were reporting that they thought they were in beta.

Unfortunately, it’s been found that the update that was pushed to users is indeed the finished product. The build is actually functioning as Mozilla expected.

When Mozilla rolled out the Firefox update, users were not made aware that their browser would be updated and were taken by surprise.

There is not currently any way for users to opt out of the upgrade or roll back to the previous version.

The update is missing several functionality features such as a back button that lets you go back to the previous webpage you were viewing, very few extensions being supported, and instability which is leading to frequent crashes. 

Ratings for the product have taken a nosedive and users are speaking freely about their negative experiences across various tech forums.

Hopefully, Mozilla will take the concerns of its users seriously and make some changes to this recent update.

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