Some users of Windows 10 are noticing missing files thanks to update

While it’s not too unusual for something to be broken on at least some users’ computers after Windows 10 updates, usually what isn’t working tends to be an application that goes back to working after a little user tinkering or an update from the app developer.

Not in this case.

The latest Windows 10 patch that rolled out on Patch Tuesday of this month was meant to offer some major security fixes in order to better protect users. Instead, some people experienced blue screens, installation looping, deleted photos, missing apps, and in some cases completely empty drives.

Microsoft’s response has been that they have “not seen these issues reflected in telemetry, support data, or customer feedback channels,” though they are aware of social media reports of these issues.

Microsoft also stated in their known issues section of the update notes that “We continuously investigate all customer feedback and are closely monitoring this situation.”

While it’s better to run the update, so that those necessary security fixes are in place, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have a backup of your files beforehand.

If you do run into any issues with the update, Microsoft asks that you use the Windows + F keyboard shortcut in order to submit any issues through the Feedback Hub.

Then, check out the Windows Update Troubleshooter and run it a few times to see if updates successfully install.

You can find the Windows Update Troubleshooter in Windows 10 by choosing

  • Windows 10: Select Start  > Settings  > Update & Security  > Troubleshoot, then select Windows Update under Get up and running, and then select Run the troubleshooter.

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