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Site Isolation Feature Coming to Firefox

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New Firefox feature in testing for next year release

Mozilla is currently testing a modern browser security feature for one of their updates next year.

The feature, Site Isolation, works by separating each web page and web iframes into their own operating system process.

This is done in order to keep sites from tampering with each other’s data.

Google Chrome currently has this feature.

Coming out with the release of Chrome 67, this feature came out just in time to server as a protective measure against the onslaught of Spectre.

Considering the large re-write required to browser internal architecture in order to implement such a feature as Site Isolation, it’s no wonder that Mozilla is just now bringing this feature to light.

Users are being invited to follow along with the progress on the project by using it themselves in Firefox Nightly, the Firefox version where new features are tested.

In order to enable Firefox Nightly, interested users simply need to follow a few easy steps.

  1. Access the about:config page
  2. Set the ‘fission.autostart’ and ‘gfx.webrender.all’ preferences to ‘true’.
  3. Restart Firefox Nightly

Mozilla expects Site Isolation to be stable in the first half of 2021.

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