Facebook Account Verification are affecting Quest 2 users

Multitudes of Oculus Quest 2 users are finding themselves without the ability to use their devices.

The problem comes from Facebook’s account verification system.

Due to Facebook requiring an active account in order for the Quest 2 to function, some users are finding themselves with paperweights instead of gaming headsets.

While users are finding they can create an account if needed, Facebook’s account verification system may stop them along the way in order to request photographic evidence that they are who they say they are.

This verification of identification may take Facebook weeks to complete.

Users reactivating their accounts are facing the same difficulty, with Facebook disabling their accounts while the verification process is undergone.

Facebook has responded to complaints about the issue by saying that people having trouble logging in are not losing access to their purchased content. Instead, simply stating that users unable to access their content due to the inability to log in will be able to access it again once the affected users’ login issues are resolved.

Part of the problem lies with users having accounts that do not match what name their government identification matches.

So, if you are going to purchase a Quest 2, you should make sure to do so if you have an account that Facebook can verify.

Otherwise, you may end up with a virtual reality paperweight of your own.

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