Most customizable email coming to Office 365

Support for subaddressing, also known as plus addressing, is coming to Office 365.

Microsoft is adding this feature, which is already present in Hotmail, to Office 365 email services with a hope of completion being Q3 2020.

Custom subaddressing of email addresses allows users to extend their email address using “tags” or the plus (+) character.

As an example, a user with the email address of [email protected] could use the subaddressing feature to extend their email address to [email protected].

The custom “tag” allows the user to generate an infinite amount of custom email addresses that can then be used as a normal email address would.

Emails sent to the custom tagged emails get sent to the main email box of the user, i.e. [email protected].

By utilizing this feature, when the user receives an email from a company they don’t recognize, but they see the email address it was sent to as a custom email they used for a specific company, they know that the company they shared this email with shared their email address with a third-party company.

This system is a great way for users to track who is selling their information.

Subaddressing is currently supported by Gmail, but most large email providers do not offer this feature. Microsoft adding this to Office 365 may intrigue additional email providers into providing the service as well.

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