A Google bot is directing humans at Verizon

Verizon is using Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI in order to automate its customer service phone calls and conversations through its chatbot.

In a statement released by Verizon, they said “Verizon customers in search of support may soon find a more natural and streamlined digital experience, thanks to a new collaboration with Google Cloud.”

The Contact Center AI technology uses natural-language recognition in order to transcribe what customers are saying as they interact with the AI. Their responses will be input into Dialogflow, a platform that generates responses in real-time.

Subscribers with simple needs should be able to be helped quickly, without the need for a human operator.

Any subscribers with trickier problems to solve will still be able to connect to a human, but those humans will also be following the direction of the Contact Center AI.

“For live agent requests, the Contact Center AI Agent Assist feature offers Verizon’s customer care agents a real-time digital assistant that fetches relevant articles within the knowledge base, and then recommends personalized responses to agents at each turn of the conversation, assisting the care agents in effectively answering customer questions and addressing any issues.”

Verizon claims, “Whether through voice call or chat, customers will not need to go through menu prompts or option trees; they simply say or type their request, and the natural-language recognition feature finds the best way to assist them. No stilted speech or robot-like commands.”

To date, neither Verizon nor Google have stated a date as to when Verizon is set to deploy this software for its agents and customers to interact with.

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