Millions of devices vulnerable because of a pre-installed software issue


Due to a component in SupportAssist software, millions of PCs could be hijacked remotely. The issue affects Dell and other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

SupportAssist comes pre-installed on Dell PCs.

This is considered a high-severity vulnerability and stems from a component in SupportAssist, which is a monitoring software that is used to automatically detect failure issues and notifications for Dell devices.

The SupportAssist component is made by the PC-Doctor company. They develop hardware diagnostic software for various PC and laptop OEMs.

Peleg Hadar, the security researcher with SafeBreach Labs who discovered the breach issued a statement, “According to Dell’s website, SupportAssist is preinstalled on most of [the] Dell devices running Windows, which means that as long as the software is not patched, this vulnerability probably affects many Dell users.”

Thankfully, PC-Doctor released a patch that fixes impacted devices which is available on Dell’s website.

Dell also released a statement to Threatpost urging customers to turn on automatic updates, stating that around 90 percent of customers to date have received the patch.

If you have a Dell system, you should update your computer as soon as possible to protect against this potential exploit.

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