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Hackers have become an increasingly significant problem for individuals and organizations. By hacking into computer systems, criminals can steal sensitive information about your business and clients. This can make it possible for them to commit identity fraud or sell secrets to competitors. If you are concerned about protecting your organization from hackers, then you should […]

What is rowhammer? It’s not new, rowhammer was discussed in the “Flipping Bits in Memory Without Accessing Them: An Experimental Study of DRAM Disturbance Errors” paper published in 2014. But until now exploiting it required software to be installed on the victim computer. Google’s Project Zero has just proven that rowhammer exploits can be executed […]

Of late there as been a bit of trash talking passwords. Some claim they are on life support and will soon be obsolete. But in a world without passwords how can we secure our accounts? One answer is biometrics. Some familiar examples of biometrics are fingerprints or retinal scans. It’s genius, no more forgetting passwords, […]

As you may already know, USB drives can infect computers with malware or other malicious software. Many liken the situation to reusing a contaminated needle. At present there aren’t many tools that address this potential entry point for hackers, so it is wise to be cautious with USB drives and what is stored on them as […]

How would you like to tell cyber criminals When and where you usually go running, Where you live, Your age, sex, height, and weight, Where and when you are on vacation? If you use wearable fitness devices and someone hacks one of these gadgets, that as well as other information about you is exactly what the attacker […]

Publicly available WiFi hotspots are great. Your phone connects  and uses these hotspots to access apps and the internet without accruing data charges etc. What could go wrong? What if this WiFi hotspot is run by a hacker intent on gleaning personal and financial information from your phone? Everything transferred to and from your phone, […]

The Telegraph reports that as televisions become ‘smarter’, many consumers are left vulnerable by the very features that these TVs are touting. Namely the ‘red button’. It allows the TVs users to, with the press of a button, access the internet tools in the TV, but it also allows hackers to access accounts and commit […]