7 ways that Firewall as a Service increases business security, flexibility and growth  

With the importance of continuity and uptime in order to maintain a competitive advantage in business, your network protection needs to be on point. With more and more migration to cloud-based platforms, and the rise of doing business using mobile devices, the protective barrier that firewalls used to offer has changed shape and can no longer offer as much protection against the threat of cyber-attacks as it previously could.

That’s why Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) is so important. With security threats emerging on a daily basis, a breach of the security network could result in a disaster that results in not only high costs financially, but also to business reputation and resources as uptime is also critical to customer satisfaction and retention.

These challenges are all resolved with FWaaS. Firewall as a Service is a technology that offers firewall and other crucial network security as a cloud service.

Here are the top 7 reasons to choose Firewall as a Service

1. Peace of mind

With FWaaS, the risk of network security threats that come about as a result of firewall misconfigurations are minimized. According to research on firewall breaches, 95% of firewall breaches that happened in 2018 were as a result of misconfigurations, as opposed to flaws in the firewalls.

2. Expert handling

A managed firewall service ensures that the management of firewall transitions, migration of policies between platforms, security protection consolidations, and other time-intensive tasks are done by professionals who possess specialized skills in security services.

3. Reduced Costs

In order to provide your company with the necessary safeguards against sophisticated security threats, you need to deploy multiple firewall appliances such as an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), content filtering systems, and threat prevention applications. The purchase of these network security capabilities can be costly when it comes to monitoring, management, and maintenance in addition to the purchase and setting up of equipment. Each component also needs its type of maintenance updates that can restrict visibility regarding end-to-end protection. Firewall as a Service reduces expenses by unifying the necessary security management technology. Your firm ends up with next-generation firewall technology that is managed by IT professionals on a subscription basis. According to research by Secure Data, a company with 500 workers utilizing FWaaS will minimize its firewall expenses by 37 percent and save an average of $139,000. With FWaaS your cloud infrastructure, WAN and internet, as well as other IT components you have will be secure at a low cost.

4. Mobile Workforce Protection

Business is constantly changing and evolving. Many organizations are taking advantage of new technologies that enable remote working. In fact, according to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics in 2015, 38 percent of employees performed part or all of their work remotely from home. In order to utilize this advancement, many businesses are using cloud-based access, SaaS, and mobile access to company applications and resources. Unfortunately, typical network securities have been unable to keep up with current technology.

Thankfully, Firewall as a Service is also cloud-based and allows your mobile users to be protected.

5. Performance

The performance limitation of physical devices is among the biggest problems regarding security that is appliance-based. When a physical devices encounters increased load as a result of a higher volume of traffic or extra processing is needed in decrypting an excess SSL traffic volume, the appliance usually needs upgrading in order to meet the growing requirements of the capacity. Due to budget constraints, physical device limitations frequently require the difficult choice of deciding between cost efficiency and security. Using a managed firewall and security service removes the need to choose between cost efficiency and security by eliminating the need to worry about hardware capacity. Your company can grow organically with FWaaS, as with FWaaS you’ll have unlimited scalability.

6. Improved Internal Threat Protection

While a majority of security attacks originate outside of your business network, threats can also originate from inside the organization. The use of social media, web browsing, staff productivity activities, and online videos can expose your network to malware. With managed firewall and security service, applications can be implemented and configured in order to filter and safeguard against threats created by staff activities.

7. Securely Up-to-date

As new cyber-attacks are created on a daily basis, by not installing the latest patches and updates for your firewall opens your company up to unnecessary risks. If you fail to install these updates, your security system becomes susceptible to attacks. By trusting this role to professionals, you’re protected.

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