2014 has been wrapped up – and with the end of the year comes a tallying of the year’s most popular passwords! Among these champions of defense against vicious thieves and scammers are:

12345678 in the number four slot!
And then there’s 12345 in the number three position!
In at number one is (drum roll) 123456!

But seriously…

While it’s true that ever more powerful systems chip away at the effectiveness of passwords it is important to utilize powerful passwords and avoid passwords such as those listed above.

If you are part of a network with access to critical data, it only takes one weak password, or careless behavior with email or online to compromise the entire network. Be sure that all of your employees are utilizing strong passwords and being smart online.

If you need help generating strong passwords you can try an online utility such as the ‘secure password generator’:


To see the complete list of last year’s most popular passwords click below: