The recent iOS 10 update comes with a pretty big flaw- brute force password cracking is much easier than in older versions of iOS. The flaw affects locally stored encrypted backups.

The flaw allows 6 million password attempts per second- much higher than iOS9’s 150,000 times per second. This means that hackers vying for your private information could get to it in as little as two days if they left their software running continuously. Their odds of success would be 90 percent!

What’s at risk? The information stored in Apple Keychain- which is your credit card information and passwords.The good news is that the hacker must have the physical device on which the information is stored in order to hack the information. So, iPhones are most at risk.

What This Means for Your Business

If your company runs on Apple computers, secure information is at risk. Make sure an encryption compliance is met, and be extra cautious with security measures. Apple is, of course, aware of the security risk and is working vigilantly to rectify the situation. Expect an update in the near future that will take care of this flaw.

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