A customer portal can be an excellent addition to a company website. Portals allow greater ease of access between customers and the members of your team and often save time and productivity by allowing customers to access information directly. Increasing this digital interaction creates an environment that is greatly focused on customers- which is great!

What are the Benefits of a Customer Portal?

Customer portals will lower your operating costs because less time and effort from your staff will be put into customer interactions that can be handled digitally. With proper design and maintenance, a customer portal will be beneficial to both your customers and your team.

A portal will give you an advantage over your competition. Customers love having control over the services they are receiving, and rightly so. Instead of having tedious phone conversations and lengthy and disorganized email threads, imagine being able to access customer notes in a way that will visually organize everything and keep development on track. It’s a major upgrade to project management and will add an asset to your company that your competition may be lacking.

Because a custom portal can increase interaction with your customers, overall customer experience will be heightened, and thus, their level of satisfaction with your services will increase. Because portals allow customers free access to their information and grant them a more involved role in your services, their expectations will be on track and they will walk away from the process with positive memories of your work.

RHYNO Networks is based in Seattle, Washington and provides complete website design services, including the design and implementation of customer portals. We can also build portals for employees or vendors. For more information, give us a call at (855) 749-6648.

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