Apple’s malware problem is getting worse and now outpaces Windows

Malwarebytes just released their latest State of Malware report and things aren’t looking good for Macs. The amount of malware on Macs is outpacing PCs for the first time ever.

Part of the problem may stem from the myth that Macs are not susceptible to malware. Unfortunately, that is not true. Macs aren’t as safe as they used to be.

Windows machines are still dominating home computer market share. They also tend to have more security vulnerabilities. These two things have made them the bigger and easier target for hackers.

As Apple’s computers have grown in popularity, hackers have been focusing more of their attention on exploiting whatever weaknesses they can find in the MacOS.

According to the Malwarebytes report, there was a 400 percent increase in threats on Mac devices from 2018 to 2019. They noted an average of 11 threats per Mac device, which is about twice the 5.8 average on Windows.

In their report, Malwarebytes acknowledges that the increase in threats could be attributable to the increase in Mac devices being used.

It’s noted that the types of threats differ between operating systems. Windows devices were more prone to what is considered “traditional” malware, whereas the top 10 Mac threats were adware and what are referred to as “potentially unwanted programs.”

Adware works by typically redirecting users to websites with ads on them. While not usually considered dangerous, these redirects are a nuisance and some of them are able to track user activity.

The potentially unwanted programs are apps that tag along with the software that you install on purpose. They may also come pre-installed on your device. Most frequently, these unwanted programs come in the form of “system optimizers” that often offer to remove adware from the device for a price.

All in all, just because you’re using a Mac doesn’t mean that you’re safe from malware. It’s important to exercise care when clicking on links and when downloading and installing apps.

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