Microsoft promises updates will take less than 90 seconds with Windows 10X

Windows has reengineered their special variant of Windows 10, Windows 10X, in order to install and update the operating system a lot faster than possible with the Windows 10 standard OS.

This reengineered OS is designed to be used on new dual-screen devices.

With the Windows 10X variant, updates to the OS will simply switch to the newest update at reboot after a quick download. This update change should take less than 90 seconds to happen thanks to a special state separation that Microsoft was able to develop in order to improve the update process of this OS.

This process is possible because the Windows 10X operating system, drivers, and apps are all separate. This allows for Microsoft to simply switch to the latest OS update once a device has been rebooted. Microsoft is using container technology for win32 traditional desktop apps that run on devices such as the Surface Neo. This means that these apps cannot interfere with system files or with data.

With current Windows 10 updates the update has to be downloaded to the device and then applied, finally being completed after a reboot of the system. This process can take several minutes, depending on the device.

Windows 10X will be launching on Microsoft’s new foldable PCs later this year.

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