People with trypophobia are having trouble with iPhone’s new design

People with the fear of small holes, a phobia known as trypophobia, are reportedly having difficulty with Apple’s iPhone 11 design.

The problem stems from the iPhone’s rear camera set up that has three high-powered lenses packed closely together.

Sitting alongside the camera lenses are two other circular openings, the handset’s torch and “audio zoom” microphone.

The term ‘trypophobia’ was first coined on Reddit in 2005 and has since become widely talked about on social media.

Vision scientist Dr. Geoff Cole and Prof Arnold Wilkins, at the University of Essex, were part of the first full scientific study of trypophobia.

They found that all people have the phobia, but the degree to which a person is affected is what’s important.

The study suggests that the response to seeing small holes can be very extreme and the researchers even reported testimonies from some people who vomited and other who said they could not go to work for several days.

Apple has not yet publicly commented on the situation with a solution to the design issues. As always, if we can be of help with your network or computer, give us a call here at RHYNO Networks. (855) 749-6648