Mobile sales are taking a toll on PC sales

Personal computing device shipments are forecast to drop below 400 million in 2020. PC shipments have not been that low since 2010.

Both PC and tablet sales are projected to decline by 2% a year until 2023, as forecast by the International Data Corporation (IDC).

The reason behind the data is that consumers have become used to computing on-the-fly thanks to portable and mobile devices.

That change in consumer tastes has also affected shipments of convertible PCs and detachable tablets, which are expected to grow slightly.

5G is also likely to be part of the factoring behind declining PC shipments, as computing on-the-fly becomes even faster. The IDC also states that by 2023, 10% of detachable tablets will have 5G built in.

The market by 2023 is expected to be led by ultra-slim tablets, accounting for 27% market share, followed by slate tablets (26%), desktops (21%), and notebook and mobile workstations (13%).

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