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Goodbye rings, hello release channels For Windows enthusiasts, Microsoft has provided the ability to opt in to early release rings. These rings came in three different options – fast, slow, and stable. Microsoft has now decided to change things up a bit and change their program from rings over to release channels. Principal Program Manager […]

Printers are being negatively affected by the latest Windows 10 update Microsoft pushed out several security fixes with their latest “Patch Tuesday” update. Unfortunately, these fixes – KB4557957 and KB4560960 – are affecting the usability of some printers. A majority of the reported issues are with Ricoh printers that were previously stable. Other reported printer […]

The Microsoft Surface 3 is here Microsoft has unveiled their newest addition to the Microsoft Surface family with the upcoming release of the Surface 3. Available since May 21, 2020, this detachable PC has arrived packed with updated features. Externally, the Surface 3 looks much the same as its previous version. There are two model […]

Microsoft Teams has lots of hidden gems among its features Microsoft Teams is a great tool for staying connected. From chatting to video conferencing and project collaboration, there’s lots of ways to customize your connection. Read on for our list of some of the great little-known features available on Microsoft Teams. • Hide your hoard […]

Some users of Windows 10 are noticing missing files thanks to update While it’s not too unusual for something to be broken on at least some users’ computers after Windows 10 updates, usually what isn’t working tends to be an application that goes back to working after a little user tinkering or an update from […]

Microsoft hasn’t yet announced the Surface Go 2, but details have been leaked Expected to be officially announced in May 2020, the Surface Go 2’s details have been leaked a little early by excited insiders. The Surface Go 2 will feature thinner bezels and a larger 10.5 inch display. The overall size of the device […]

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Microsoft pauses Edge release Microsoft announced that they are pausing the rollout of Edge v81. They cited the ongoing “global circumstances” surrounding the coronavirus outbreak as to why they’ve decided to pause the rollout. Software updates, including the new Edge release, usually require security reviews and compatibility testing to ensure […]

Security vulnerability in Windows leads to hacking attacks Microsoft has released a statement that warns that attackers are exploiting a previously undisclosed security vulnerability that is found in all supported versions of Windows, including Windows 10. There is currently no patch for the vulnerability. The critical security flaw is found in how Windows handles and […]

Windows April 2020 update features lots of improvements Windows 10 will be receiving a major update this April. This update, known as version 2004 or 20H1, will be a more significant upgrade than the November 2019 update. One of the features of this update is the option for a cloud download to reinstall Windows. Resetting […]

Microsoft promises updates will take less than 90 seconds with Windows 10X Windows has reengineered their special variant of Windows 10, Windows 10X, in order to install and update the operating system a lot faster than possible with the Windows 10 standard OS. This reengineered OS is designed to be used on new dual-screen devices. […]