Regular maintenance helps your computer perform at its best.


Just like a car, regular maintenance is necessary in order to keep your computer functioning at its very best.

While basic computer maintenance isn’t difficult, it’s often overlooked.

1.) Dust Removal. The easiest and most vital maintenance a computer needs performed is a thorough cleaning. It’s necessary to clear your computer of its dust build up by using compressed air at least once every three months. The reason is that dust keeps in heat by insulating the components of the computer. Heat kills electronics, so the longer that dust is insulating the components, the more damage the computer can sustain.

Blowing the dust out of your computer is the number one piece of regular maintenance that your computer needs. Even if you don’t maintain it in any other way, it is absolutely necessary to remove the dust if you want your computer to last.

2.) BIOS Updating. If you know what you’re doing, updating your BIOS is the next recommended maintenance step. Only if you really know what you’re doing though, as if you mess up your BIOS your computer will stop functioning. If you don’t know how to update your BIOS, or you don’t feel comfortable doing it on your own, it’s important to have an IT professional do it for you. There aren’t typically a lot of updates for the BIOS, but if there are updates available, it is important to do so.

If your computer is already maintained by RHYNO Networks, the following steps are regularly performed on your machines.

3.) Drive Space Cleanup. Clearing your hard drive of temporary files, old windows files, and old programs you don’t use anymore will give you more available free space on your hard drive. This allows your computer to access the files it needs more quickly.

4.) Defragmentation. Especially on older non-SSD style hard drives, this too will allow for faster access to files on your hard drive. Since SSD’s use a different hardware architecture, it is not necessary to defrag them.

Happy Spring cleaning, and as always, if we can be of help with your network or computer, give us a call here at RHYNO Networks. (855) 749-6648