Intel is expecting a 2020 release of the discrete GPUs


During a recent analyst event, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich stated that Intel will have its first discrete graphics chips available in 2020.

A few previous rumors have suggested a launch was forthcoming at CES 2019 this coming January, but that timeline was never suggested by the company.

Intel didn’t go into detail about the performance level or specifics of the upcoming GPU, but Intel’s executive vice president of the data center group, Navin Shenoy, confirmed that the company’s strategy will include solutions for servers as well as typical clients such as gamers and professionals.

These discrete graphics chip products are all part of the wider-scale AI and machine-learning strategy that Intel is implementing. In addition to the discrete GPUs, they are also providing other advancements such as the Xeon processor, FPGAs from the Altera acquisition and custom AI chips like the Nervana-based NNP.

While Nvidia still maintains its leader position with regards to graphics cards, Intel is holding their own when it comes to chip design and all eyes will be on their progress to see if they can compete with Nvidia and AMD as a GPU contender.

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