No one wants their company website to look dated. We want our sites to be cutting edge and fresh in appearance and usability. What is it about a website that makes it ‘fresh’ or ‘cutting edge’?

Elegant Themes has assembled a list of some of the trends that are popular in today’s websites. Some of the techniques designers are utilizing include:

Use of typography
Why restrict your styles to large headings, smaller sub headings and general content? Get creative with your use of type!

Today’s users generally have access to faster internet speeds and are able to access sites using various devices from desktop computers to phones and tablet. Why not push imagery and photography to the limit? Full bleed backgrounds can be used to draw your users into your site and give them something visually stunning to look at.

Flat Design
For many years websites explored the illusion of three dimensional space within their canvasses. Today designers are exploring two dimensional space, or – as seen in some of Google’s designs – nearly two dimensional space.

Dialogs or Virtual Windows
With the increasing power of client side scripting and web browsers capable of handling it, why move your users around to new pages or new windows when you can allow them to do what they need within a dialog?


You can read the entire article on Elegant Themes.