Oversupply is leading to a drop in PC component prices


TrendForce recently released research stating that the price-per-GB on 512GB SSDs is estimated to fall below $0.1 US, which means it will hit its lowest price on record.

The reason for the low prices is due to oversupply. As the NAND flash industry this year is exhibiting signs of oversupply, and SSD suppliers have gotten themselves into a price war, the SSD prices for PC OEMs have continued to dive.

This change will cause 512GB SSDs to replace their 128GB counterparts and become market mainstream. This is second only to 256GB SSDs.

PCIe SSDs and SATA SSDs are nearly identical in price, so this may also allow for PCIe SSDs to achieve 50% market penetration. It is expected that PCIe SSDs will replace SATA interfaces to become market mainstream this year.

TrendForce’s report also points out that SSD adoption among notebooks has already gone beyond the 50% threshold in 2018. With the dramatic price drops, the demand for those seeking to replace their 500GB and 1TB HDDs will be stimulated. This could cause the SSD adoption rate to land between 60 and 65% in 2019.

Read more at https://press.trendforce.com/press/20190508-3238.html#8liSGu20b3PGU4lg.99

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