Microsoft Teams rolling out a secure walkie-talkie feature

Soon, you’ll be able to use Microsoft Teams to speak to your colleagues quickly and easily, via Walkie Talkie.

The feature will turn smartphones or tablets into a walkie-talkie that will work over Wi-Fi. It can also be used over the cellular network.

Microsoft is embedding the feature at the center of its navigation bar inside Microsoft Teams for easy access.

This new feature is primarily designed for employees who face customers and run day-to-day operations inside companies. Microsoft is touting this feature as a more secure way of using a traditional walkie-talkie. Emma Williams, a Microsoft corporate vice president, is quoted as saying, “Unlike analog devices with unsecure networks, customers no longer have to worry about crosstalk or eavesdropping from outsiders.”

This is also a fantastic new feature for quick and easy communication between remote workers, as well as those that telecommute.

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