PCs that use USB storage or SD cards may have disrupted Windows update


Users that are using USB storage devices and/or SD cards will need to remove them prior to the May 2019 Windows 10 update, as Microsoft has stated that they’ll block the update from running on devices with those elements connected.

Microsoft cited problems with “inappropriate drive reassignment” as the main reason they have chosen to block the May 2019 Update.

“Inappropriate drive reassignment can occur on eligible computers that have an external USB device or SD memory card attached during the installation of the May 2019 update,” the company stated. “For this reason, these computers are currently blocked from receiving the May 2019 Update.”

If a user chooses to try to run the update with an external USB device or SD memory card attached, an error message will be shown that states that the update is unable to run.

Thankfully, if that error message comes up, all that will need to be done is just a quick and simple removal of all external USB and/or SD media and then a quick restart of the May 2019 Update installation.

External USB devices include USB thumb drives and USB-based external hard-drives.

The potential issue of the May 2019 Update does not affect all Windows 10 users, only those running the April 2018 Update (Windows 10, version 1803), or the October 2018 Update (Windows 10, version 1809). Users that are using older versions of Windows 10 will be able to update to the May 2019 Update without encountering this issue.


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